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Two years ago we bought a expensive name brand “European” pillow top type mattress from a big store. Worst mattress in my life. Hot and uncomfortable to sleep on, the “pillow” bunched up in the middle and you had a couple of sagging “pockets” left over to sleep in. You do not sleep on it, you sleep “in” it and it sagged that bad after a few months. It always felt like I was on a slope and going to roll out of bed. Many a sleepless nights, back, shoulders sore etc. We also found out that these are only one sided so you can not just flip them over. I did a web search and tons of complaints from many people about the same problems. I missed our old Sterns & Foster extra firm two sided mattress with handles on the side that you could flip over or rotate. Almost all of the manufactures do not make these anymore. They only make them for Hotels or very special(expensive) order. It is cheaper for them to make, ship and sell then lighter one sided mattress then it is to produce a Quality two sided one. Sad but true, do a web search. Then a Friend of ours told us about Sanitary Mattress Co. He has been happily buying from them for decades. (they opened back in 1935) We took a short drive to check them out. Nice showroom with a very nice selection. You could see into the backroom where they actually make the mattresses at! This is a real old fashion Mom and pop operation with good old hand made craftsmanship! Then the wife and I talked to the salesman(owner?) and told him what we wanted and had been unable to find after looking for months. He laughed and said that is all we make here! He pointed out what we had been looking for and we checked it out. WOW! Just like we used to be able to buy. Two sided and flippable. Very, very comfortable. We bought one on the spot. Their price is very fair and a lot less then I paid for the “Big Brand Name ” one. The price included tax and delivery! And when I asked about handles, no problem adding them and NO extra charge!! The Mattress was made and delivered in just a couple of days. Fantastic quality and after sleeping on it for a few nights. We would buy from them again in a minute!! Two very happy customers!
Jeff K.

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